II SHORT ANSWER TYPE QUESTIONS01. Explain the problems of the Barter system?02. Explain the classification of money.03. Describe the term 'landlord' as lender of money.04. Discuss the term 'local moneylenders'.05. Explain self-help groups (SHGs)06. Explain the two functions of money.07. Why are banks willing to lend to women organised in SHGs?08. The modern currency is without any use of its own as a commodity. Why is it accepted as money?09. (i) What is the share of formal sector in the total credit (ii) Suggest two measures for improving the share of formal sector in total credit. (iii) Why is moneylender still the largest single source of credit?10. Name two formal and two informal sources of rural credit in India. State any two advantages of formal source of credit.III LONG ANSWER TYPE QUESTIONS01. Discuss the role of money in an economy.02. Explain the functions of Commercial Banks.



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