I. Rewrite as directed the following sentences without changing the meaning. I was annoyed by his behaviour. [Change the voice] I am invited. [Supply a question tag] The teacher said, Have you done your homework? [Change the narration] As soon as the tiger saw the rabbit, it attacked. [Begin. No sooner...]. No other athlete in our school is as fast as Rachel. [Use: Fastest] If you do not hurry up, you will miss the train. [Begin: Unless] I was so tired that I was not able to follow him. [Use: too] Can we ever forget those happy days? [Rewrite as an Assertive sentence] He did not come. He did not write a letter. [Use:'neither... nor...'] He passed the examinations. He got a gold medal.[Use:'not only...'] II. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate article.1. Raj Mahal is ____ top class hotel.2. Could we change ___ the topic of discussion?3. ___ honest man is always trusted.4. __ African continent is full of conflicts.5. He is ____ European writer.



His behaviour annoyed me
His behavior annoyed me
i am invited, aren't i
the teacher asked if he had done his homework
no sooner had the tiger seen the rabbit that it attacked it
neither he came nor wrote a letter
not only he passed the exam but he got a gold medal

3.an 4.the 5.an