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You can either use the following discussion or develop your own taking help from it:

Candidate A: Hey do you know Rahul has been missing the House meetings regularly for quite some time; he may get caught!

Candidate B: Really? This is something very serious. Does he not want to take part in inter-house activities? Co-curricular activities are so essential for the overall development of the personality of a student!

Candidate A: I know. May be he has some issues with his House Master. He did not select him for the English play for the annual function last year; he has not been attending House meetings since then. Nor he carries out his Prefect’s duties!

Candidate B: I think we should talk to him regarding this. He is harming his own interests. We need to tell him that taking part in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities is so important. Not only they hone and enhance our personality, they also improve our academic grades.

Candidate A: Absolutely true! He is missing so much fun of the entertaining side of education. By the way do you know where he is when the House meetings are going on?

Candidate B: No, I don’t have any idea!

Candidate A: He sits in the library and pretends to study.

Candidate B: I think we must talk to him. We need to tell him rejections, refusals are part of life. For being rejected once, we must not stop learning and taking part in activities. We must tell him he must strive to participate in as many activities as he can.

Candidate A: Yes, I agree with you. We must tell him if he misses House meetings, his chances of being selected in any activity are zero. Besides, by denial of the reality no one succeeds.

Candidate B: We can discuss the matter with our class teachers as well. She can further talk to his House master and resolve any differences between them.

Candidate A: That’s a good option. But I think we first must talk to Rahul first.

Candidate B: I agree with you. Let’s go to the library and have a word with him. 


Follow up questions and answers:

Do you think the house captain can...?

Yes, I feel House Captain can play a key role in putting his/her perspective right. He can encourage him/her to start attending the house meetings by assuring him participation in the coming Inter- House competitions. House Captain’s talking to him/her will really motivate him again, and he will start attending the House Meetings again. 

Would you suggest involving...?

 Yes, I would like to involve either my class teacher or any other teacher in the problem. Either of them might further talk to his/her house master.

 How could the librarian...?
Yes , the librarian could also be involved in counseling the student. He can tell the student how important attending house meetings is. May be this will have some effect on him/her.