Some of ur school mates are extremely talented in football and kho-kho players.However, your school just offers cricket and volleyball coaching.with ur partner,discuss:.How this impacts the students who play football and kho-kho?.The ways in which this situation can be resolved.please give me the long answer for these question for ASL I need please help me soon.



Every person in the world is born with some talent or other.One person can be extremely talented in music whereas the other in dance .
By offering cricket  and khokho coaching to those who are interested as well as extremely talented in football , is useless.The students would become less interested in sports.
One should focus on things which we are good at.
The students should write a letter to the principal by telling him to introduce football coaching in their school.
Or the students who are 
extremely talented in football/khokho should get coaching from some other places.

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