One negative effect of our affluent lifestyle on environment is global warming. GLOBAL WARMING: It is the increase in the average temperature of earth's surface due to high levels of gases such as CO2, CH4, O3, CFCs (known as greenhouse gases) in the atmosphere. It is caused due to the following human activities: 1. Cutting of forests to provide the growing human population with the forest products. As more and more forests are cleared, the CO2 content of the atmosphere also increases. People prefer wooden floorings and many other wood products as decorative items in their homes these days which increases the rate of deforestation. 2. Burning of fossil fuels(oil, coal, CNG), wood etc. cause a rise in the CO2 level in the atmosphere. 3. Use of petrol or diesel cars instead of public transport also contributes to global warming as petrol used in such vehicles as fuel is not completely combustible.