The galileo 's thermometer was based on the principle that the density of liquid changes in proposnal to its temperature.The galileo's thermometer works on the principle of buoyancy.
A galileo thermometer is one style of temp sensing device.these days galiean thermometer typically looks like tall,sealed glass cylinder containing clear liquid in which several small glass bulbs are floating.
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name of thermometer?
Galileo (galilean )thermometer
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The first recorded thermometer was produced by the Italian.Peter Loyson explains that a number of companies sell so-called “Galilean thermometers,” sealed tubes of liquid in which glass spheres float and sink with changes in ambient temperature.  Galileo may have originated the idea in a 1638 book, the Accademia del Cimento, an early scientific society founded in Florence in 1657 by Galileo’s students.....

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