Clean India is a program launched by PM Modi to clean India and keep the whole country clean. 1.Clean India is our duty and right. 2.Cleanliness India Beautiful India 3.Cleanliness is happiness 4.Let's be Clean Let's be Civilized 5.Let's make a right choice and use dustbin 6.“I always wear gloves when I wash my hands.” 7.god loves cleanliness 8.Cleanliness beings with purity of your own mind, thoughts and heart.”
A debate on cleanliness
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Clean India , popularly known as Swacch Bharat. This program was launched by our honourable prime minister NARENDRA MODI. its main aim is to clean india by 2019.It will really bring a change in india and will help to bring awareness among those people who don''t know the importance of cleanliness. This program was launched at october 2 on behalf of Indian citizens.