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If our family is suffering from  economical problems,it is better to be positive and encourage the positive side.always support the side of your family.economic problem is always there in the life of a common seeing those problems we should not be afraid but  we should always try to solve them .you can always keep this in  mind that ''the state will never remain the same,the sun sets and create darkness but soon it gives bright light in the morning with full of energies.''take this example and just spread brightness in life and think about the ways to getting rid  of all economic pressures.

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If any family is in financial crisis, it is very important that all members of the family must extend there cooperation to make both ends meet. The most effective way would be to cut costs and reduce the expenditure as much as possible. Also if every member who is eligible for work, does some earning work, it would be a big help. 
The most important job is to however not to loose hope, and keep working hard to drag the family out of economical problems.