.................... the year of the death of King Louis XIV of France, and 1798, the year of the coup d’État of Bonaparte which brought the Consulate to power, concluded the French Revolution, and began the modern era of French history. This century of enormous economic, social, intellectual and political transformation produced two important literary and philosophical movements: the beginnings of Romanticism, which exalted the role of emotion in art and life.
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In 1774 , louis 16 of the bourboun family of kings ascended the throne of France . he wwas 20 year old and married to an Aushtrian princess Marie Antoinette. Upon his accesion the new king found  an empty treasury. long years of wars had drained the financial recources of France. Added  to this war was the cost of maintaning an extravagent court at the immence place of Versailles.Under louis 16 , France hel[ed  the thirteen american colonies to gain their independence from the common enemy, Britain the war added more than a billion livres
a debt  that had already risen to more than 2 billion livres.
the society of estate was part of the feudal system that dated back to the middle ages. The term Old Regime is ussually used to describe the society and institutions of france before 1789.
1st estate - Clergy
2nd estate - Nobility
3rd estate - Big bussiness men , merchants , court , officials and lawyers ets
b - peasents and artisians
c - small peasants , landless labours etc.

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