In early 19th century, a girl was not treated as she was to. She didn't get enough education nor freedom. Her brothers were sent to cities for higher education after primary studies but she was only meant to study just primary; sometimes, not even that. 
 A girl, was subjected by people that she was only meant for housework and nothing else. She was subjected to things like child marriage, sati, etc. Even female infenticide also happened during those time, Also there were dowry system, and criminal cases against women. 
 Many great personalities like Raja Rammohan Roy, Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Sir syed Ahmed khan etc tried to remove these evil customs, and I can't just say that everything got to be fine later and a girl is totally free; she is and not completely; but partially, there were improvements. but not fully. I just know this many only. Please mark as best........... :)

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