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'All work and no play makes jack a dull boy' is a famous proverb. ' work is worship' is a proverb that emphasizes the importance of working hard and with dedication. But every man must realise that no matter how much we work , we are all mere mortals after all. Hence it is necessary for every person on earth to take the appropriate level of rest after a day of hard work. This is the stage where leisure plays an important pivotal role. The way of spending one's leisure time varies according to the person's age, likes and wants. A person who is in a very young age, may want to spend his or her free time by playing or by watching television or by listening to music. People who are a bit older may even satisfy their weirdest fantasies during their leisure time. No matter how we spend our free time, it is important that we realise the role it  plays in our life. Leisure is very important for good health, relaxation of the body and to get peace of mind. ' health is wealth', for good health relaxation and leisure are always necessary in appropriate proportions!
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Leisure time is very important to us.without rest,we will get tired and bored.there is a famous saying 
'all work and no play makes jack a dull boy'