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Dark clouds hung above the small town as the hint of rain teased them. It was the middle of April and the town was slowly getting over the big storm that destroyed most of the houses there and flooded every basement. The town’s people would gather what was salvable and stayed in the most secure house. But, this storm had bigger plans for them.

    Everyone huddle in the corner of the house as the storm regained its power, destroying everything in its path. The shutters on the house starting slapping against the house as the wind called out for them. It teased and mocked them as they hung for dear life. A little girl clung onto her small teddy bear as her mom’s arms wrapped around her.

    As the window whirled and whirled, they called out for their loved ones to cling onto. The first victim was a six year old boy. The storm sucked him from his mother’s arms as he crashed through the window leaving glass splinters everywhere. The storm snatched up each person as if they were just a rag doll. Soon, the town was bare as if they was no trace of life ever existed.

                                                                         4 Years Later:
    The small jeep drove up the dirt road as the family looked at their new home. Construction workers built new houses, stores, banks, and more. This town was almost perfect except one thing, the people. 

    “Sweetie, you can pick your room. Dave, can you help me get the bags?” The tall woman stepped out of the car as she watched her four year old daughter run to the house.

“Yeah, sure,” her husband grabbed a suitcase in each hand as their Golden Retriever followed close behind. Her put down the bags by the kitchen counter as he walked over to his daughter.

“What do you got there?” He asked as he picked her up.

“I found this little bear on my bed.” She cooed as he smiled at her.

“Dave, we have to get everything inside, it’s starting to rain.”

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