Urgent help!! I want short or brief summary of poem "My Bird Sings" by Thora Stowell.
The poem's here-
Your pretty bird in a gilded cage
Flutters its sorrowful wings
But there's never a cage-bird yet could sing
As my bird sings.
He's little and brown and wild and shy,
But free to build and thrive
Your poor bit thing behind its bars
Is only half alive!
My bird sings out with a true wood-note
Your pipes of sorrowful things,
And never ,now,may he learn the song
That my bird sings.
Never,now,may he wheel and soar
With the sunshine on his wings,
O,a bird in a cage is a crippled thing
But my bird sings!
For mine is every bird that flies
On free,wild wings:
And there's never a cage-bird yet could sing
As my bird sings.



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           Summary of poem  "My Bird Sings"  by Thora Stowell.

        This is a simple poem written in easily understood language.  It also shows the love for the nature and free life of birds.    It also shows some observations noted by Thora of the lives of caged birds.

        The author wants bring out the difference between the conditions and lives of birds living  in the forests and the birds trapped inside cages at home.    Thora conveys that the birds from the woods enjoy their lives, sing with natural happiness , whereas the caged birds cannot sing and lives a sad life.

          The author also takes the side of the birds from the woods and is mocking at the caged bird owner.    He pretends to be the owner of the free birds in the nature.   Perhaps he is speaking on the behalf of the God of forest and nature. 

1st stanza:     
        The bird in the shining gilded cage is beautiful, little, and cute.  It flaps (agitates) its wings rapidly flying from one end of the cage to another, trying to desperately get out of the cage.  But unfortunately it is not able to do so.  There is no bird in caged yet in the world, that can sign like my bird.

2nd stanza :

        Nature bird is small, brown, shy to appear in front of people and moves of its own free will.  It is free it build its own nest and develops its own life.   The caged bird is just half-alive only, and is always behind the bars of the cage.  It cannot develop itself any more.

3rd stanza:

        Nature's bird sings aloud true musical notes.  Caged bird just only weeps and is able to give out sad tones and notes.   Further, he may not ever learn the music of the nature's bird.

4 th stanza
       Caged bird may not be able to ever free himself and rise to heights to fly and glide with  the golden sunshine shining bright and reflecting from his wings.   It is so sad that caged bird is like a crippled being.    On the other hand nature's bird sings!

 5th stanza:
       My bird is every bird which is free, flies on its own will flapping its unslaved wings nicely.    Caged bird in the world, stay at home among people, who can inspire and teach the cage-bird to sing.  Yet, there is not one caged bird that can sing like my bird - that is, the God's bird.

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