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                                  MOTHER'S LOVE
There once was a little boy who lived with his mother. They were very poor. The boy was very handsome and extremely smart. As he grew older, he became even more handsome and smarter. However, his mother always remained sad. 

Once, the boy asked his mother, “Mother, why are you always sad?” Mother replied, “Son, a fortune teller once told me that whoever has teeth like yours will become very famous.” Then the boy asked, “Will you not like it if I become famous?”

“Oh my son! What kind of mother wouldn’t like it if her son became famous? I’m always sad because I keep thinking that you will forget me and leave me once you become famous.”

Upon hearing this, the boy started to cry. He stood there in front of his mother for a while and then ran out of the house. He picked up a rock from outside and smashed his front two teeth. He started to bleed from his mouth. 

His mother ran out and was shocked to see what he had done. She asked, “Son! What did you do?” In reply, the boy held his mother’s hands and said, “Mother, if these teeth cause you pain and make you sad, I don’t want them. They are of no use to me. I don’t want to be famous with these teeth. I want to be famous by serving you, and through your blessings…” 

My friends, this boy was none other than the great Chanakya. HOPE IT HELPS YOU.
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Once upon a time in Nandurbar a little boy was living with his mother . his father was died in car accident. Since they were living alone in same city.The boy named justin was full of talent but due to insufficiant money he was nothing.Justin completed his higher education from Malwan & was reguraly studing .                                   His mother was working hard to fulfill each &every demand of son. She wanted to see her child in the row of succesive personalities.And the day for which she waited  was arrived it was really significant for both because their hardwork & passion won the battle.Justin was selected as ISI officer.Goverment honnoured him as student of the year.                                                                                                In open interview justin said that "ITS NOT VICTORY OF MINE BUT MY MOTHERS".