Becuz nature gives us a lot of things such as oxygen ,water, food, etc. .if we do not protect nature it will cause global warming which is bad for the future. If anyone in future ,will have cancer becuz of us not protecting the nature.This is not right , That is why we should/must protect nature

Nature is a wonderful gift from god to us . but we the people won't value  it , it is more costlier than any thing in the world . if there would no trees ,mountains etc... think how would be  our life without it. if there would be no oxygen there would be no life.. so think how important the nature is. its our duty to protect the nature but instead of saving we are spoiling like using plastic more and the plastic is main reason of globalwarming" plastic is drastic, cut the plastic and say no to plastic" " biodiversity is worth more than gold"
" litter the landscape ,kills animals and defeats biodegradation"
save the nature because its OUR earth our planet.
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