Who ran to help me when i fell
And would some pretty story tell,
or kiss the place to make it well,
my mother

The love she has deep in her heart
Always gives me a good jump start,
The miracle of life 
natured by a women
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Mother is the one who is the care taker of the children. No one can take place of the mother. Very few people provide the place a mother has. We should obey our mothers. Mothers usually and repeatedly tell us about our flaws and how to improve them but we say that she is always finding flaws. This is not true, in reality she helps us in finding our flaws and improving them.

Playing the roles of daughter, sister, mother and wife,
My mother is my life.
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Koun si mummy ki baat kar rahi ho
sabki mammi, (but not mammi ji!)
ya right not g