Yeah! Actually where there is a will there is a HIGHWAY!! A person can't achieve success until and unless he is determined enough. We have to pave our own path (or) way to success with firm determination. If you are determined enough you will find a way to success. As a little fire can't produce bright light (or) heat, in the same way; a weak desire cannot produce great results!! So, where there is a will there is a HIGHWAY.......
Determination and a firm will power is what we exactly need to carry out our plans. even a master plan with enough scope will fail to work if we don't have the will in us to carry it out. it is a kind of a fighting spirit that keeps us going on even when we feel like giving up. if one desperately wants to win, he will do it no matter whatever hard work, labor or drudgery it takes. in fact, there is nothing impossible. the human will power often works wonders. we should never be discouraged by one- time failures. rather, we should hold up our will and go on. after all, this is what matters in the end