Respected sir/madam,
i am writing to request a meeting to discuss about an issue which needs your immediate attention. my daughter of standard(.....), section(.....) and roll no.(....) had been facing serious inconvenience in attending the extra  classes  due to her regular coaching classes
                                                      it had been quite hectic for her to continue both her coaching and extra classes both on the exact durated time. skipping any one of those important classes might have proven fatal for her terminal exams as she would have missed many important discussions, lectures and notes al these days.
                                                     so it is my request that you accept my earnest apologies and grant her permissions to attend her extra classes
                                                                            Yours faithfully,
                                                                              [mothers name]
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 A. B. C.                                                                                                            

SUB            Request  to do not come regularly to school.                                
                      With reference to the above cited topic I would like to reqeust you that due to regularly coaching classes my child cant attain school periods.
           So keep it in the mind please try to understand my child.                      Thanking You.                                                                                              Yours Faithfully                                      


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