What is lithosphere exoshphere hydroshphere ? with examples..

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The exosphere is the uppermost layer of the atmosphere. In the exosphere, an upward travelling molecule moving fast enough to attain escape velocity can escape to space with a low chance of collisions; if it is moving below escape velocity it will be prevented from escaping from the celestial body by gravity. In either case, such a molecule is unlikely to collide with another molecule due to the exosphere's low density.
The lithosphere is the solid, rocky layer covering the entire surface of the planet, composed of the crust and the hard uppermost mantle, and reacts to stresses as a brittle solid. The lithosphere ranges in thickness from 50 - 200 kmA and is fragmented into tectonic plates with boundaries where plates collide, diverge, or grind past each other.
The hydrosphere describes the combined mass of water found on, under, and over the surface of a planet.


Lithosphere is a rigid outermost shell of a rocky planet.it is made up of       crust,mantle.......
$ Exosphere is outermost layer of the earths atmosphere lying above the thermosphere     and extends thousand miles in the space.
$ Hydrosphere is the liquid water component of the earth.it includes     ocean,lakes.seas,pond,streams.it covers about 70% of the earth.
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