Wednesday , 6th may 2015.
Time : 1 PM

Today i'm very happy, is very precious day in my life.Today is my birthday i invited all my friends and  relatives.
I  am  celebrated birthday party in taj banjara . All  my friend came in party. we celebrated party.  when i was  cut the cake  my all firends comments me  and  they  singh a birthday song .  after that  the cake  piece i was given to my mom then dad ,   and also my friends.   we all friends  play  with cake  and enjoyed lot...then  on the stage  well  all  dance and  comments  each others. and  my dad  give me a beautiful gift.  that was  sooo  beautiful  . then after birthday party  we all  went to movies. in  cima hall  we enjoyed a lot . i never  forgot this  birthday party. till  night 12 we  enjoyed lot.. this birthday was really very touched and rememberable  birthday i never forget this birthday.....  

hope its help u...