Stomp the Yard: My favorite Movie
There are millions of movies that have caught my attention. To choose between Drumline and Stomp the Yard were very hard. However, Stomp the Yard is by far one of the best captivating and entertaining movie I have ever watched. This movie is about an inner city krump dancer, DJ, who moves to Atlanta, Georgia for a fresh start. In the movie, DJ role is arrogant, over-confident, and determine to win the heart of April Palmer. The plot of the movie is so entertaining and touching that I could watch it everyday. First, this is my favorite movie because it focuses on responsibility and determination. Secondly, it shows how one person can not be above everyone else, it takes teamwork. Lastly, the movie shows how a man is to appreciate and treat the lady he loves.

First, Stomp the Yard demonstrates responsibility and determination that makes this movie so real and interesting. DJ got arrested for fighting, whereas his younger brother got killed. DJ’s mother want a better life for him, subsequently sent him to live with his aunt Jackie. In spite of DJ’s past, he decided to live his brother’s Duron dream to attend Truth University, join a fraternity, and step on the line. When he was face with the challenge of expulsion, DJ frat brother agreed to find a way for him to stay in school so he could go to competition. In the end, DJ was taught responsibility and became a well-developed young man. This movie inspire one to never give up on his/her goals and to learn how to have self-control
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There's so many to choose from....but having to choose one l'd go with the recent Hindi movie that i watched in theaters;'2 states'. it was based a real love story between 2 completely different states and how they overcame the obstacle ahead of them. this was very entertaining and gives a very different experience.