DO'S ;
           # walk or ride bicycle
            # car pool- two or four can ride as cheaply as one
            # get a valid pollution under control certificate from authourized      testing center
           #  clean up ur act.keep automobiles fuel filters clean and save fuel
           #  clean the air filter and oil filter regularly
           # clean the carbon deposits from silencer
           3 maintain recommended tyre pressure.
            # Dont use extensively private vehicles and use public vehicles             whenever possible
             # avoid congested roads and rush hours.
            # dont idle away energy beyond  1 time  it is more fuel efficient 2         restart the car.   
             # dont forget to keep ur car tuned up .when a vehicle is runningit uses 9 % less fuel.and emits less toxic and noxious fumes.
             #don't try 2 replicate mechanical works or experiment with ur car
             #don't forget 2 replace ur old battery and put new battery when it required.
             # don't use clutch pedal as footrest.
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