How do we avoid much pollution and reduce unwanted resources thats unstoppable

Reusing things that are still good to use. Fix things or get things fixed. Learn how things are made to help you to do this. It's informative, interesting and it can be a lot of fun!
Recycling everything that you can recycle! This may mean you have to spend an extra five minutes sorting out what is rubbish and what is recyclable. This may mean a different bag or box to put your recyclables in. This may even mean the occasional trip to a recycling bank.
but its not always possibler to remove pollution completely


By using public transport rather than our own vechiles
Reduce your electricity consumption
Plant shady trees
Conserve water
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but it wont commpletely stop
thnx still
Use cleaner sources of energy 
use paper or jute bags instead of polythene 
use public transport or prefer carpool service instead of using ur own vehicle
go by bicycle to nearby places 
plant more trees 
use air conditioners as they are the main cause of cfc pollution 
industries must treat the waste water properly before leaving them to rivers 
sea accidents should be avoided as far as possible
hot water from industries should not be left into the water as they cause thermal pollution
recyle papers , plastics etc
use natural lawn fertilizers , such as manure instead of chemical fertilzers