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 Ans: Balanced equation for the given reaction
N2 +  3H2 →2NH3
When 28 grams of Nitrogen and 6 grams of Hydrogen are reacted forms 34 grams Ammonia.
Therefore in Hydrogen and Nitrogen are mixed in 6:28 ratio to form 34 grams of ammonia
6 grams of Hydrogen requires 28 grams of Nitrogen to form 34 grams of Ammonia.
10 kg of Hydrogen requires -x grms of Nitrogen.
x = (10*28)/6
= 46.67 kg
Therfore 10 kg of Hydrogen reacts with 46.67 Kg of Nitrogen to form 56.67 kg of ammonia.
Therefore 56.67 kg of ammonia is formed in the reaction.

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