Composition of BELGIUM 
The ethnic composition of this small country is very complex. Of the country 's total population, 59% lives in the Flemish region and speak Dutch
languageAnother 40%  people live in the Wallonia region and speak French Remaining 1% of the Belgians speak GermanIn the capital of Brussels, 80% people speak French while20%areDutchspeaking.Sinhalese (74%), Tamils (18%), Muslims (7%), others (1%). 

Composition of SRILANKA

Sinhalese make up 74% of the population and are concentrated in the densely populated southwest. Sri Lankan Tamils, citizens whose South Indian ancestors have lived on the island for centuries, total about 12%, live throughout the country, and predominate in the Northern Province. Indian Tamils, a distinct ethnic group, represent about 5% of the population. The British brought them to Sri Lanka in the 19th century as tea and rubber plantation workers, and they remain concentrated in the "tea country" of south-central Sri Lanka. Other minorities include Muslims , at about 7% of the population; Burghers, who are descendants of European colonists, principally from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom (U.K.); and aboriginal Veddahs.

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