HOLIDAY HOMEWORK 2014-15 [Delhi]

Each one of us some weight which is due to the pull of the earth, i.e. gravity of the earth. It is
because of the gravity that we are able to stand straight on the earth. Each planet or sun or
moon in the universe has different value of gravity. Heavier objects have more gravity and
lighter objects have less gravity.

1. Will we have the same weight on every planet/ star/ moon? Why or why not?
2. Taking earths gravity factor as 1 and your weight on the earth as original weight calcute your new weight for each of the planets given below:

"New" Weight

Planets Weight multiplier

Mercury 0.4
Venus 0.9
Earth 1
Moon 0.17
Mars 0.4
Jupiter 2.5
Saturn 1.1
Uranus 0.8
Neptune 1.2
Pluto 0.01
Sun 28




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1.   A person does not have the same weight on each planet.   The weight is the force with which the planet pulls the person towards the center of the planet.  As the properties of different planets (like mass, radius) are different, the weight is different on different planets, for the same person.

The weight of a person is the product of mass and acceleration due to gravity on the planet.  Weight is the gravitational force of attraction between the planet and the person.

   As    g = G M / R²,   where  G = gravitational constant ,  M and R are the mass and radius of the planets.

   As the ratio M / R²  is different for different planets, the attraction of different planets is different for the same person or for an object of same mass.

2.   For obtaining weight,    one has to multiply the gravity factor  with the  weight on Earth.

   My weight is  64 kg.
So my weight on Earth  = 64 kg * 1 = 64 kg
                       Mercury = 64 * 0.4 = 25.6 kg
                       Venus = 64 * 0.9 = 57.6  kg
                         Moon =  64 * 0.17  = 10.88 kg
                         Jupiter = 64 * 2.5 =  160 kg
                         Saturn =  64 * 1.1  =  70.4 kg
                         Uranus = 64 * 0.8 =  51.2  kg
                         Neptune = 64 * 1.2  =  76.8 kg
                          Sun = 28 * 64 =  1, 792  kg
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