Take a point A on the number line such that OA= 2(units) ,With centre A draw a right angled triangle B(right angled at O) such that OA=2 and AB =1,With O as centre and radius AC draw an arch that cuts the number line at P ,Then, OB = OP = √5
Draw a number line and mark point o , representing zerzero on it.... Suppose point a represents 1 on the number line .then OA = 1 unit ..draw AB perpendicular to OA such that AB = 1unit .join OB continue in the similar manner and draw line segments is of unit length and BC IS PERPENDICULAR TO OB , CD TO OC , and so on........,..OE= √5 UNITS...........your root is drawn,....u can make as many roots as u want on number line by this method (spiral root) Hope it helps u :)
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