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See diagram.

we can have two possible structures for C6 H12..

Between two atoms the first bond formed is a sigma bond.  If there is a second bond, then it is a pi bond.  A third bond between two atoms is also a Pi bond.  A double bond consists of a sigma and a Pi bond.  Triple bond consists of a sigma and two Pi bonds.

  In the first structure there is a Pi bond possible.  There are 17 sigma bonds.

 formula for Pi bonds:  (6 n + 2 - N)/2  : 
       n = number of atoms that can form sigma bonds. Here only Carbon atoms can.  So  n = 6.   
   N = number of valence electrons total in the molecule. = 4 * 6 + 12 = 36
   So number of Pi bonds:  (6 * 6 + 2 - 36) / 2 = 1

 2nd structure :  there are 18 sigma bonds.  It is a ring structure with all bonds being identical sigma bonds.
  there are no pi bonds here.

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