The solar wind is a stream of plasma released from the upper atmosphere of the sun.
The solar wind is also a plasma. It consists chiefly of a mixture of protons and electrons, plus the nuclei of some heavier elements in smaller numbers. The particles that make up the solar wind are formed when the coronal gases expand and evaporate. About a million tons of gas per second flow away from the sun by this process. The particles are accelerated by the high temperatures of the corona to speeds great enough to allow them to escape from the sun's gravitational field. As they leave, the particles carry part of the sun's magnetic field along with them. Because of the sun's rotation and the steady outflow of particles, the lines of the magnetic field carried by the solar wind trace curves in space. The solar wind is responsible for deflecting the tails of passing comets away from the sun. When the solar wind encounters the Earth's magnetic field, a shock wave results. The nature of this shock wave is not fully understood. In the vicinity of the Earth, the solar wind produces magnetic storms, fading of radio transmissions, and the polar auroras. and sorry i don't have any photograph.