Cleanliness Next To GodlinessShowers of water come down to saturate,
the tiny droplets hit dirt as it evaporates.
The lather of your word purifies my soul,
cleansing my flesh as it gently consoles.

All the impurities that have laid upon my head,
using the suds to penetrate the skin that's dead.
Scrub, Scrub, Scrub until I am clean as the snow,
Being cleansed of all transgressions, in bubbles go.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness the saying means,
Oh, God you are the only soap that makes me clean.
To be pure and holy in the sight of the Holy of Holies,
to rinse away all the dark specs as it cleanses me.

To shine like a newborn baby's skin, a newness,
so He can fill us to overflowing, continually bless.
I shall now beĀ  put at ease in your spiritual tub of purity,
where the fragrance of the soapy balm brings serenity.

When I am all through with your cleansing bath,
what will others senses pick up in the aftermath?
I would like to think they know that they can bathe too,
using the soap that will cleanse them thoroughly through.