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LTTE stands for Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
LTTE has an individual army to fight aganist Sri lankan Govt for their freedom and rights. 
Some said LTTE is terrorist group an some say its fight against to retrieve their rights to live. 
LTTE was started by Prabhakaran his full name is Vellupillai Prabakaran. 
Mostly they fought for their freedom and they are revolutionists people because the tamil people were treated as slaves and their rights were abolished by the acting government.
LTTE is the oly group that has air strike, marine strike and land strike. 
even though they had all the powers but they failed to conquer the place. slowly their army has broken and killed by the government and finally the total LTTE was abolished by the government. 
The most number of peoples were killed and the womens were lost their virgins due to the fight aginst to the government. 
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