How to do the essay of the robbery at bus stop

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Once upon a time I and my friend were returning back to our home after our school over,we were enjoying the site view from the window of the bus.Our bus stoped at the stop,suddenly we saw a mischievious man standing beside a motorcycle and trying to steal it.The motorcycle started and he rushed off,the owner of the motorcycle ran after him but cannot follow him.Our bus also started at the meantime but the thief ran away by accelerating the motorcycle and our bus driver also could'nt follow him.This incident we will never forget.
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You may start like this,
one day when i and my mother were standing on the bus-stop , we saw a man running very fast. a woman was also running behind him with the intention of catching him.
then describe whole incident.
you may have a end like this,
this is not the thing of only of robbery at bus stop but this is happening almost in whole country.and our indian police force can't do anything . we have to stop this.