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                                         Interpretation of the Title
                                              - The Lost Jewels -

        The title of The lost Jewels is quite suitable. The story is about a wealthy businessman named Bhusan, and his beautiful wife Mani. The couple is issueless and Mani is the only object of Bhusan's love. However, Mani does not cherish the same affection for her husband. The sole object of her love is her jewelry. Mani is obsessed with her jewelry and cannot part with it at any cost.

        When Mani suspects that Bhusan will resort to mortgaging her jewelry for raising credit, she leaves for her father's house with all her jewelry. The author does not tell us what actually happens, but Mani does not come back to Bhusan; neither does she reach her father's place. Sometime later, a skeleton appears before Bhusan, all clad in gold and diamonds, and takes Bhusan along with itself to the region of the dead.  The jewels which Mani was so fond of, and which soured the relationship between the couple, are finally lost, never to be recovered. Thus these are the lost jewels referred to in the title.

        Besides its literal meaning of ornaments, the word 'jewels' has several connotations. It may refer to Mani herself, whose name in Sanskrit is for 'gem' or 'jewel'. Mani is like a jewel for Bhusan, his most prized possession, whom he has lost forever. Similarly, Bhusan's name also means a jewel or ornament who covered Mani to her utmost desires of jewels..

        Mani is really fortunate to possess a husband like Bhusan. He is the kind of husband a woman should really be proud of. However, she fails to understand him, and begins to take him for granted. Finally, she loses her faith in him and also loses him in person. In this way, the 'lost jewels' in the title may refer to the husband and wife who are lost to each other, never to be united- in this life.

        Further, 'jewels' may even refer to the desirable values of love and trust which should form a part and parcel of marital; relationship , but which are somewhere lost or lacking in the relationship between Bhusan and Mani.
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