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There is a major reason behind the need to learn History. People see it as learning dates, occasions, festivals etc. But if are truly interested in History, then you should actually learn from history. These is a quote: "Those who fail to learn History are doomed to repeat it." So, I think you are now clear with that. For example you should learn that you need to be powerful and united to defend yourself from foreign powers, as observing that British were successful in using their Divide and Rule Policy. You can also learn from other events like the French Revolution that the people are the greatest power. You know what, I had the same question in my mind, and then I came across the above quote one day. So go and learn History ! 
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History is the aggregate of past events. In other words the study of human past is known as history
We need to study history so that we don't imitate the mistakes our ancestors have done
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