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Hello people!
I'm so lucky to be here, infront of such wonders like you.
First of all thank you for using me in all the possible ways, you can! You see in me yourself and get flattered. You talk to me when bored and turn myself your best buddy. I feel like laughing at you for the way you look at me for not responding to your long never ending fairy tales. You take my help to make you look perfect and if you get truly impressed, you give me a kiss in return. 
Sometimes, you come to me with a pale face, look at the you in me and start to cry. I wonder why you do so. But, soon you start sharing with me all your stories.
Sometimes, you bring your friends to me along with you and start clicking pictures of the reflection I show you. That's amusing. I become one of you.
Totally it's a wonderful life of mine to stay with you all.
Hope I stay healthy and unbroken for long!
Take good care of me.
Thank you.
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