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One Day I went to a place which I quite didn't like at first because there were so many bugs and all, But then after spending some time I realized how beautiful the place was.. It was a garden (you can name it) Filled with flowers, trees, birds, lakes, stones and nature there was no dirtiness which was the best part. Birds were chirping so loud that I could hear them from a long distance. I even saw some frogs. I got scared at first but then realized they were my friends. Just as I was making a necklace out of the flowers for my mom I saw a deer I was fascinated I had never seen one before. But before I could click a picture it ran off. The water was clean and really cold I could feel the cold temperature when my legs went inside the water. There were many fishes. The butterflies were roaming around. Some birds were coming and picking up the fishes, going back to their nests and giving them to their children or eating the fishes themselves. It rained a little bit but then it was all fine. The weather got more pleasant, seeing the flowers in the wind was peaceful. I just slept on the green grass which was a little wet and rested until the birds woke me, must be their evening chirping-session. All was the same, flowers, trees, insects, frogs and the breeze. I can just say it was a remarkable place.
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