Those who have been growing food
using the current sunlight
Wonder about the future of the earth
of themselves, and the food
The time has come to think
deeply, and boldly
No denial will help
We are running out of excuses
We might have 10-20 years left
to change the course
to cool the earth
Or maybe we are already in it
the “great disruption”
The trickster in the image of Zapatismo
Riding his horse in the Mexican pueblos
Emerging in the day of the dead
hiding in caves in the days of living
living in pueblos, and ejidos,
and among the Raramuris, the Seris, and the Pimas,
the Opatas, and the Oaxacans,
the Mayans, the Navajos, and the Hopis
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Grains are found here we know that that all the poor rich all the poor rich know that but who knows the worms and flies can we protect our crop?(2) but how we can raise awareness and warn the fellowmen we know that we can do it but how how how how how how(2) only we can keep ourselves clean