Summary of " Taj Mahal " ;-

R. Parthasarthy wrote the poem " Taj Mahal ". The poem deals with the environment of Taj Mahal at present. " Shah Jahan " -who built Taj Mahal as a symbol of love between him and Mumtaz.. In this poem we find , the children who were walking to school - notices the unclean environment of Taj Mahal . The "Yamuna " river which is filled with full of dirt and the bull which is also dirty and waving its tail to disturb the flies.

 We know Taj Mahal is empty but still remains affectionate between true lovers. In this generation , People do not care about the dirty environment of Taj Mahal and even the tourist too because today people are busy in their work and they do not have to time to take care the environment of Taj Mahal whether its environment be dirty or clean.
This poem conveys that " Taj Mahal creates sadness in the minds of true lovers