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                                               Old Age Homes
                             - Convenience or Deterioration of Values -
        There are more and more old age homes built every year nowadays. Why is it happening? Is it ok to move a relative to such a place? Are we too lazy to take care of our elders or maybe we are just unable to do that? Let us ponder on the topic a bit and try assessing the present situation.
        Firstly, we should ask a question - who ends up in an old age home? Obviously, the elderly, but then again, who are those people? Do they have families? Are they close? I think there are two groups - people whose families are unable to help them and care for them as closely as they should. The reasons might be different - work, family issues, children, remote place of living, etc. No matter the reasons, if we're unable to provide the care essential for well-being of our family, we should find a facility with specialist trained for that particular task. I believe that it's a reasonable and very good choice for everybody in such a situation. 
        The problem appears when we take a look at rich people shipping their elders off to an elderly home just to get rid of them. Thinking that they are either annoying, irritating or simply too time-consuming for them to care. The sad thing is that those older people do not get many visitors usually and seem extremely sad. I do not believe it to be the right way but then again, there are many situations and those people have their reasons as well for sure. Nonetheless, I think that nobody deservers abandonment.
        To sum up, I believe that for many people old age homes are a convienient and good way of ensuring that their relatives will have a happy and calm last years to live. Unfortunately, for many, it is still a way of freeing themselves of an unwanted burden, which is a proof of their deteriorated values.  

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