how are you? many days are passed but you have not written any letter to me. here we are all right. there is no need to worry.
   today i want to tell you that the competitive exams are very important to you. you should prepare for various competitive exams. in this world of education you have to be on the will also help you in your syllabus study. i know you will understand what i am trying to tell you. so all the best
   i am eagerly waiting for your letter.
   with love,
your dear
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My lovely brother,
How are you.I wish the same with you. how are your studying going on?Days are running out and time is flying right!competitive examinations are being coming. And in this huzzle buzzle life is extensively competetive and rapid in  generation.
So prepare for the exams smartly and come up with flying colors .
i wish a very all the best for your exams and prepare well.
love you and take care.
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