Science is a process because the scientific method makes ANY hypothesis (or theory) open to be proven against. During the process, the accurate ideas stay (as theories) while the false ideas disappear from mainstream science as historic steps towards the truth。 
Science is a product because without those historic steps, a YET MORE COMPLEX IDEA couldnt have appear. Example: without Newton's laws of motion, Einstein would have nothing to build upon. In other words he didnt come up with that equation out of nowhere, neither he made up the word relativity, he destroyed false ideas (newton's ideas) during the process, but he built a new idea with a more accurate description of nature, leaving the theory of relativity as a product. 
This means that any "discoveries" in science must have some type of background in history.
Scientific ideas are developed through reasoning.
Scientific claims are based on testing explanations against observations of the natural world and rejecting the ones that fail  the test.
Scientific claims are subject to peer review and replication.