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Green revolution is.......................see the doc below.
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A large increase in crop production in developing countries achieved by the uses of pesticides, artificial fertilizers and high yielded crops . altough  the green revolution has played a role in making the country self-sufficient in food yet it has some harmful effects 
1. disparity in consumption of fertilisers  where the district-wise fertilser consumption  in the country varies from 50-200kg/ha
2.excessive use of fertilisers kill  helpful micro-organisms,insects and worms in soil 
3. imbalance in nutritional status  causing significant deficiency in K,Zns,Mo,,N,P and B.
4.pollution with heavy metals and pesticide chemicals causing serious damage to food quality.
5. enviromental degradation like depletion of stratospheric ozone ,nitrate toxication , etc causing health hazards like cancer,methamoglobinemia  respiratory illness , hypertension etc 

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