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                                  Frog in the Mountain by Ruskin Bond

        The author shows us the story about frogs installed in a fountain by a starn and a bit alienated women - Granny.
        The main character (most likely - the author) becomes quite anxious about the marigold flowers (normally grown in almost every house) which are mainly used to make garlands in somebody's name - to honor them. He doesn't feel comfortable with them since a bee, hidden in one of such flowers stung him.
        The author admits to loving Koftas and Rice while talking to 
Dr. Bhist. Once, he brought some fish to the fountain but they died soon after. Despite that fact, it did lead to an exponential growth in the number of frogs living in the fountain.

        Aunt Mabel however, hated the constant singing and warbling of the amfibians. She eventually decides to move out to her cousins' place because she cannot stand the constant serenades of the frogs. That is why, Granny hires local labourers which are supposed to take the frogs from the fountain and put the behind the train station - in a small pond situated there.

        Slowly they took over all the space of railway station including waiting rooms and platforms so the station master got a brilliant idea to move them to a nearby zoo since it is considered as the best place for small and large creatures.

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