Alimentary canal is defined as a long tube that extends from mouth to anus . it is also called gut .
        it comprises of different organs that coordinate with each other and forms an organ system called digestive system . 

    Mouth - responsible for intake of nutrition ( food ) 
    Tongue - responsible for mastication as well as tasting the food .
    Teeth -  responsible for grinding , cutting and chewing the food 
    salivary gland - responsible for wetting of food for swallowing 

     Oesophagus - responsible for transfer from buccal cavity to stomach by peristaltic movement . 
     stomach - secretes HCl that makes the medium acidic , pepsin breaks down protein .
     small  intestine - breaks down nutritional molecules . 
    large intestine - absorbs excess water  and regulates stool consistency and aids in egestion  .