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 areas where sprinkler and the drip system of irrigation are used is as follows-
1- urban areas bcoz they can afford it...
2-it is used specially in farming areas.

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Drip irrigation systems are used throughout the arid parts of India, especially in Maharashtra, Haryana, Meghalaya, and Rajasthan. At Rahuri, in Maharashtra State, the use of drip irrigation of pomegranates, grown in gravely soils, resulted in a savings of about 44 cm of irrigation water.
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In Haryana and Rajasthan States, drip irrigation of potatoes grown in loamy sand soils at Jobner, of onions, sugar beets, and potatoes grown in sandy loam soils at Hissar, and of bhindi and sugarcane grown in clay soils at Rahuri (clay soil) resulted in improved crop yields and a savings in irrigation water of between 18% and 40%, except at Jobner where few differences were apparent between irrigation methods used. Nevertheless, there was substantial improvement in the water use efficiency of th
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Undeveloped areas like one urban  areas
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