Tembu is a twelve year old son of the brave  tribal man Baldeo. Tembu sometimes  sleeps with his  father at the hut near the signal post, though primarily he stays back at his home, three  miles away from the signal post  ,  On the night Baldeo encounters with the man eating tiger, Tembu is there in the hut near the station. He wanted to accompany his father, but his father refused as it was cold outside. When the combat happens, he is awakened by the trembling of the ground and a distant sound of the train aaproaching , but he keeps lying down waiting for his father's  returning footsteps, only to  find out  later that his father has been killed  by the tiger. Tembu is grief-stricken on the third day, he takes up the job of his father, as he has to support his family. He is no longer afraid of anything as he has his father's axe  with him and the blessings of the forest gods.
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