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                            The person who influenced my life most.
The people around you have a great deal of influence you. But undoubtedly my Mom is the one around whom my live revolves. If there is anyone I can trust on whatever happens, she is the one. From dawn to dusk, every action, every thought of her influences me. They say no one is perfect, but well my mother is my idol of perfection. Let me give an account of my personal life.
Till class 3 , I was far from what I'm today. My days were spent in frustation, I was weak in academics, in sports infact everything. I sat idle all day long, I was stupid. It was my mother then who lightened my life. She didnt do anything directly to me, but her own self.
Mom hated reading fiction but to set an example of reading for me, she would read those children's story books. After a busy day's work, she would miss out her favourite television programmes and read 'hansel and gretel'. Infact we even didn't appoint a maid, only to teach me the importance of doing my own work. 
Today whatever I am I owe her.
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