-Read books and articles in your spare time and don't be reluctant to search up for the meanings of the words you don't understand...

-it would be better if you could develop a habit of learning a new word everyday from the dictionary and try using it in your daily talks...also be sure to check their spellings and pronunciation.

- try to keep all your conversations in English even with your friends and parents...

-try watching English movies and news channels....

 when you are reading  anything in english .Don’t worry too much about making Mistakes. English is a foreign language, and we are used to make mistakes in the initial stages of learning.Use the language as often as you can; the more you speak the faster you will learn.  The more often you speak, the easier it becomes.It is easy to become nervous, if you only focus on grammar rules when you are speaking .start reading a novel every day.and try to speak in english with  your neighbors and friends watch engish movies.