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                                   If I were the speaker of Loksabha
Even the thought of being a lok sabha speaker gives me thrills. A parliament in procession with me as its speaker, unthinkable. Since I had taken part in youth parliament, 2013-14, it was my dream to be a loksabha speaker, although I'm not much interested in active politics. A speaker's role in the smooth functioning of the parliament is very crucial. She ensures the proper flow and functoin af the country's main political body- the parliament. It will be a great honor for me to get that post. 
However besides being awed by a speaker's post, there are other reasons for my choice of profession. I won't boast if I say that I have a gift of gab, and that is an essential quality for any speaker, so this way I'll be having an additional advantage.
When I fulfill my dream I promise that I'll work endlessly to be the best speaker India has ever seen. These days reports of  display of undesired behaviour in the parliament is increasing, my first aim will be to ease that. Keeping the parliament properly running without any disruptions is going to my most important aim. Also correcting their methods who don't follow the parliament principles will be a prime objective.
However fulfilling my dream isn't going to be easy, so I have to work hard, and then standing unaffected in today;s politics is going to be a big challenge, still I will fullfil my dream someday.
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