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    Humour and Wisdom are two essential ingredients of our lives. They are as necessary as nutrition, salt and sweet in our food.  Nutrition enables us to live.  Salt and sweet make our eating enjoyable.  I am sure a day does not pass by without humour lightening up our mood.  Humour makes us smile and laugh heartily.

   Wisdom is related to information, knowledge and intelligence. The information that is useful to us in a situation is knowledge. A clever and intelligent use of knowledge to make decisions is wisdom.  If we are not wise, the knowledge is not useful. Pandits do not get famous or rich if they are not wise.  Wise persons even though they are average in knowledge, may make success in life.

   Humour is good for health, as laughing makes the facial muscles relax. The mental tension and depression is relieved.  If laughter is the best medicine, humour is the doctor.

   Combining wisdom in humour is the God-gifted talent of the best. They instantly charm and mesmerize the audience. In these days we need wisdom to protect ourselves and make our place in the world.  We need humour to rejuvenate ourselves from time to time.

      Humour used wisely can remove tough conflicts; diffuse an embarrassing situation; laugh at one’s own foolishness and mistakes. Then we become a much more matured person.

   It's good and necessary to inculcate wisdom and humour as essential ingredients of our character. Without doubt, we will then be successful.

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